Effective Recruiting is a Tool Never to Take For Granted in Business

No man is an island. In fact, the story of Adam and Eve in the Bible is one of the perfect examples that point out every man and woman’s need for each other. Basically, this concept is applicable in businesses as well. Aside from the goal to connect with customers, having a good professional relationship with the workforce in a given company is equally important.  In connection to this, an effective method of recruiting employees becomes an indispensable tool for this endeavor.

But what exactly is recruitment? In the arena of hiring employees, recruitment is among the most important role of a Human Resource (HR) Officer. It involves the process of attracting, listing, choosing, and appointing a person/s for a specific type of job.  Now, let’s discuss a bit of those mentioned processes in recruitment:

    1. Attracting – When a company has a need for a particular skill in a company, it’s the HR manager’s task to announce this need to the public. And this doesn’t mean only doing the word-of-mouth approach or using the social media to spread out the announcement. It must be executed to captivate people with the potential skills needed in the company. Therefore, the message should provide the reasons why a job seeker should choose the company than other businesses offering the same position. Read the two samples below and note which one has the potential to get more possible job applicants.

    Sample A: “Company X is in need of mechanical engineers. For those, who are interested, just send your resume to our office.”

    Sample B: “Company Y is one of the leading suppliers of steel products. With over 30 years of business operations, we have provided our clients with 100% guaranteed satisfaction. If you want to be part of this well-established team as a mechanical engineer, please send your resume to our office. Sensible benefits will be given for those who are chosen.”

    As you may have noticed, Sample A lacks the “attraction factor”. In contrary, Sample B provided a short background of the company and enticing statement of benefits. If you are the applicant, would you decide to apply for Company X rather than Company Y? Think well…

  1. Listings – Recruiting definitely means that the HR has to do the listings for the qualified applicants based on the skills and other credentials stated on the resume. Surely, if the job vacancy features great income-generating potential and the announcementis captivating enough, then thousands of people would try to apply. In this part of recruitment, primary screening is already done.
  2. Choosing – A job interview could be the second method to be applied in screening applicants. After this, the HR team along with the board members will have to choose for the most qualified applicant to hire.
  3. Appointment – This is the final process of recruitment wherein an applicant is accepted and appointed for the job. Contract signing and other finalization of endeavors usually happen in this stage.

Types of Recruitment

Typically, two kinds of recruitment or hiring options exist. First is the traditional type and the other is modern-day type.

Traditional recruiting comprises the HR and the old method of recruitment. What we discussed in previous paragraphs of this article is actually a traditional recruiting system. In contrast, the modern-day recruitment solution is an upgraded system from the traditional type wherein recruitment software, internet recruitment platforms, and other online tools are utilized to seek workers.

Positive Aspects of Traditional Recruitment

Believe it or not, the traditional system or recruitment has proven its effectivity for several years already. So if you want to apply this in your company, take heed on some of its advantages presented below:

  • You can make use fully of the function of the HR department.

As mentioned, the role of your HR is to find the most suitable person for the job. Hence, the system actually verifies your right decision of hiring your HR manager.

  • You can help the people within your community.

Many of the applicants these days find submitting the application letter and resume to an office very inconvenient. And for that reason, most of the potentially skilled individuals who are going to apply for the vacant position come from your nearby area. Doing this system is kind of a community help or a favorable social act.

  • You and your HR representative can personally assess the applicant.

An interview with physically present job seekers could be significantly different than an “on-air” interview. Some behaviors, gestures, etc. couldn’t be seen on screen but is noticeable when face-to-face interview is conducted. And this really matters a lot if you need to appoint the most qualified person for the job.

Positive Aspects of Modern-day Recruitment

The modern-day method of hiring people features the major involvement of the World Wide Web. Basically, job hunters don’t have to use papers and printouts for the necessary documents to be submitted. They would simply sign in job recruiting websites or any platform that cater the provision of talents, and look for jobs there. Below are some of the benefits of the modern-day recruitment system:

  • It accommodates comfort and convenience

Job searches are normally executed with a computer system at home, coffee shop, or anywhere there’s internet connection. Unlike the other type where you may experience hassles in submitting your application to a company, this modern-day solution will make use of electronic mailing system, websites, and any related forms.

  • Unlimited possibility of hiring the best individual workers.

Time and distance isn’t a problem in recruitment processes. You can always hire people from any parts of the world by making use of the web. The online freelancers like web developers, content writers, digital marketing consultants, and SEO specialists are just a few of those talents that you can hire.

  • Lesser Expenses for Hiring Strategies

Online marketing recruitment agenciesmake the budget for recruitment remain at low-cost. As compared with the traditional method which you may have to spend a lot on recruitment materials like billboards, business cards, printed application forms, and other sorts, this will only make use of talent or job hiring platforms. Many applicants nowadays would simply opt for the best platform for their online job search pursuit wherein they could find different kinds of jobs suited for them. And what’s more, as a business owner who wants to find high quality talents, there are several reputable web platforms that provide strong profiling system for each and every job seeker. Thus, you wouldn’t be having a hard time looking for the necessary and trustworthy skillset that your company urgently needs.

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