Having a job and its importance

Searching for the right job is not an easy thing to do; it can be very challenging. A “job” can fulfill one person’s life. It is not just a tool that allows people to socialize, complete tasks, do and submit reports, calculate, prepare for a business meeting, plan ideas, organize stuff and a lot more, but it is an instrument that fulfills your soul as a person. It makes your life better and helps you gain more comfort in your daily life. Job is a means which makes you settle better things in the future and buy the things that you wish and aim for. It helps not just you but the people you love. That is when your sense of self-fulfillment comes in. It is also a way and a key to a person’s happiness. Of course, when you are happy, it seems that everything in life is fulfilled. That is why you need to work for your goals in order to reach them and let you live the dream that you wish for.  When you were younger, you would always think and daydream about the things that you want to get for yourself. It seemed that you could not wait to be old enough for your ambitions. You were dreaming of a number of different things or professions like becoming a doctor, a teacher, a lawyer and maybe sometimes you dreamed of being a policeman, firefighter, pilot and a lot more. But there is one goal that you can never fail to think, that someday you will be someone that could be at the top of your field and that you will be the person that everybody will look up to. And as early as you can, you are planning on how to be that person, setting your goals in life and striving hard to finish the profession that you chose. And when the right time comes when you are already looking and applying for the job that you think fits you; you have to make sure that it is your passion because recruiters will surely hire those people that they can see not just because of their intelligence but also their passion in doing the tasks; also they will be very particular with commitment and responsibility at work. You probably might be one of them. Surely, you are one of those people who are excited to get the pay that they deserve, eat in a fancy restaurant, travel to the places that they have never been, see what the world has to offer. Likewise, if you are one of those who are in love with their job, for sure you will excel in your chosen field. There are jobs that you don’t need to exert so much effort. You will just be on your desk just sending emails, writing contents and some are doing business over the phone and if you are very innovative and talented, the executive positions are waiting for you.

What is executive industry and what traits are needed to be part of it?

Executive industry might be the best kind of job for you. It is where you can express your thoughts and ideas in order to make new things and helps you grow as a person and ready to share it not just in the group but to the world of business. And if you are the wizard of the group the financial management office is waiting for you to get in. You will handle the financial status, help your office with the budgets, and oversee taxes. Moreover, you will keep the cost under control and specially help on the company’s investments. It is really exciting if you are in the field of executive offices. Who knows, someday you will be that someone who sits in a golden chair in an office like a presidential suite, a person who have a lot of connections and knows a lot of functions in a business industry; one who has a secretary, hiring experts, a leader and someone that has an authority to share ideas and knowledge about the products. Don’t just dream of it. Work for your goal. Acquire those qualities that should be in this industry. Be an industry insider who knows the three T’s: Terminology, Trends and Technology.

Terminology is composed of words that surround the office environment. You should be familiar with it. You can use those terms while talking to colleagues, having peer meetings, completing reports, doing activities and somehow it helps you and your colleagues to understand each other. It is a deep language that you both know and comprehend. Trends is referring to the demand of the society. It is the well – known things that we have today. Trends is not just referring about things, it may be the happenings and topics around the world. You can get trending things not just at the office but specially you can get it from the things around you. You should know how to research deeply and dig ideas from social media platforms and don’t hesitate to ask assistance from mentors who know how to be on top of your competitors in a business. Technology is everywhere. It helps lessen works and efforts. Technologies are the most helpful things you have in this business because you can use them in a way that you can reach your goal as fast as you can. You should be tech savvy and be polite on this business and remember, do not just know them but apply them to get full advantage on the job. You should acquire as well good communication skills, plus you should know how to use office tools.

Companies are always looking out on those people and candidates who can find ways and help the business become more efficient. If you want to get hired, you should be a quick decision-maker because managers will always lookout for you. You should be flexible and able to handle different situations in the company every single day. Make sure to stretch your skills to a certain extent, learn and grow professionally. Be competitive, competition is everywhere. Managers approach business situation as a competition, so be ready for it. Do not just settle for “good enough,” be accountable to learning, growing and improving. You should also learn to manage your time because as we all know time is very important, use every second that you have. Apply those learnings and share it to your team. You should be adventurous in this business, a risk-taker who is not afraid to make mistakes. If you fail, then you try again and do not be afraid to get scars, you have earned them. View them as a part of your growth. Learn from the past experience, may it be good or bad, just try to look back and think of a best solution. You should know how to understand things deeply and be strategic and know how to connect the dots. Work hard and translate insights into strategies and actions. You should know how to balance your emotions; may it be good or bad. Great leaders know how to change emotions in a little span of time, they can change anger into positive action that leads them to reach their goal. Carry that strong heart. Be observant to your behaviors and be responsible in your actions. Always think what is right. You get paid and you love what you are doing, “it is self-fulfillment”. It is priceless! At the end of the day, you are the farmer of your own field. You will harvest what you invest.

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