General Recruitment Steps

Everyday, there can be several people looking for lucrative jobs. Likewise, there can also be a number of employers who are searching for the potential candidates for a certain job position. So in order for employers to acquire the best candidate/s or have a more convenient employee search, it is important to have a sound knowledge about the most basic steps of recruitment.

Steps to Recruitment and Selection

  • Establishing a Recruitment Core Committee
  • In a given company, there is always a separate group for the recruitment department. Most of these groups are headed by a Human Resource (HR) manager which has 1-3 members. The qualification of the members and the chairperson should include but not limited to the related the knowledge and skills about the industry, excellent evaluation results, and great professional conduct. In most cases, the company will simply choose members of the committee from their existing workers, but if they couldn’t find any prospective candidate, they would usually ask assistance from agencies that look for the right employees.

The recruitment committee is generally responsible for the whole recruiting processes. They would devise an effective recruitment program, screen the candidates, conduct interviews, and make reports to their heads, executives, or the company owner. Further, it must be pointed out that each member should be chosen properly, without hidden personal agenda or other forms of biases.

  • Defining and Reviewing Job Positions
  • Once a committee is formed, the job description of every available position must be determined and defined properly. Moreover, it must be reviewed or double-checked until it reaches the state of perfection.

Some of the specific tasks in this step would include:

  1. Emphasis on the Nature of the Job
  2. Statement of Objectives
  3. Specification of the things that an Employee Should Do
  4. Declaration of Job Perks like Compensation, Benefits, Working Hours, and Others
  • Notice of Recruitment
  • When everything is set, job vacancies will be announced publicly (open merit) so that the job seekers from different areas would be aware that such positions are available in a particular company. These can be done through the traditional methods and modern methods. The former would include approaches such as putting in classified ads in newspapers or magazines, signage, leaflets, radio and TV announcements, as well as referrals or word-of-mouth, while the latter would consist of posting jobs on reputable job recruitment websites, and to the company’s website and social media business or group page.

However, the recruitment committee may also opt for advertising a job vacancy within an organization. This is called close merit wherein only members of the organization are given the chance to compete for the vacant job position of the company.

  • Receiving and Reviewing Applications
  • Applications submitted by job seekers will be received by the committee. Basic criteria will be checked and evaluated including the skills, educational information, and every qualification of the job hunter. Background check may also be implemented in this phase.

Before selected applicants can proceed to the next step, it is reviewed for reevaluation so the committee won’t miss anything. In addition to that, they may also have to take note of the short listed candidates.

In general, this phase might be the most crucial of all for when wrongly done, this can either let loose a worker with high potential or obtain the mediocre ones. But in order to minimize the errors and to deliver easier selection endeavors in this phase, some companies and recruitment agencies would use recruitment software which can be readily available in the IT market today.

  • Conducting Interview
  • This is the time when applicants selected are notified for interview. It’s best done via telephone call, but electronic mail messaging may also be applied especially in the modern-day recruitment system.

All the details like the time and venue, method (video call or the traditional face to face), the set of interviewers, and other important items have to be provided for the candidates.

In this phase, it is expected that the panelists and committee have already formulated questions for the interview portion. The interview may not only be about skills and work experience. More often than not, the interviewer would check the candidate’s response to stresses in work, the ability to work with a team, professionalism, and many more.

  • The Final Step
  1. Selection – after the final interview, the committee would have their final choice in mind. These will be discussed among them until they can come up with the best person for the job. Possibly, the second most difficult phase especially when all the applicants are highly competitive and worthy of the position. Definitely, the human resource skill will be tested in this last step.

But there are seldom occasions that no one will be accepted after the final interview phase. This might not be surprising but certainly, the recruitment committee of the company may retract from earlier steps causing lots of time and expenditures. Furthermore, this could be a reflection of poor recruitment skills and management.

  1. Formal Notification of Selection

This level is to formally inform the successful candidate on the status of his or her application. Nonetheless, those who weren’t able to get the job will be informed as well. In here, every important thing needs to be reiterated and the next steps as an employed individual of a company will follow such as contract signing and many more.

  1. Welcoming the Newly Selected and Approved Employee/s

Often happens on the first day of the job where the heads would meet the newly hired individuals.


Acquiring the most suitable employee is never a piece of cake. Even so, knowing how everything works in the recruitment process could possibly make a big difference. That being said, whether you are an employer who tries to reach potential candidates by means of recruitment in hrm or use the assistance of top agencies in recruiting employees, it is suggested to learn the basic nature of recruitment and selection process.


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