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Applying for a job can be done in various ways which may include the traditional method i.e. submitting the requirements directly company or being connected to a recruitment agency, and the modern method which indicates using the online recruitment platforms. While many people talk about job searches for common skills, there have been a handful of individuals who mention about recruitment consultancy jobs. This is because the nature of recruiting is actually not an easy task. Basically, it would take a lot of patience and skills to find the potential candidates.

A representative of a recruitment company will not only take note of the skills and experience of the candidates but also their character as well as their sense of professionalism. In fact, the most crucial part is determining if the applicant has the ability to be loyal to the company or has the potential to fully engage in the vision of the employer.

Responsibilities of Consultants for Client Services and Recruiting Employees

The work of a recruitment consultant is mainly to attract candidates for a specific job and provide workers for the companies of their clients. These jobs could be permanent, part-time, or temporary and it should match both the candidates’ and clients’ needs. Generally speaking, the consultant must be able build relationship to each party in order to completely understand their demands and thereby connect them in the process.

And how would a recruiting consultant execute these?

Actually, the role can be daunting but it’s not impossible to do. Here are few of the specific things that a recruitment consultant must be able to carry out:

  1. Obtaining information of the client’s company – the mission and vision, working environment and culture, the reputation of the company, and others.
  2. Applying the most effective strategies to attract candidates to a company. Skills in sales, digital marketing, effective communication are essential for this matter.
  3. Handling Executive Job Search – the uk employment recruitment agencies and other employment recruiting companies elsewhere cater headhunting services. Hence, it is very important that a consultant is skilled and knowledgeable on managing candidates of higher level job position like managers and supervisors.
  4. Using recruitment software – our modern-day world requires the use of modern tools. The consultant’s sound knowledge on computer applications for recruiting employees would help a recruitment firm to be at the top of competitive job hunting market.
  5. Organizing mock interviews – the preliminary interview is part of the screening process just before the candidates could meet the employer for the final interview.
  6. Negotiating compensations and rates – the consultant has to value the needs of both the client and the candidate, thus the system on salary and pay has to be arranged fairly with the recruitment consultant as the mediator.
  7. Evaluating the recruitment – the recruitment and selection process must be evaluated to guarantee the best service. Positive aspects of the system should be improved while the negative ones should be revised accordingly.

Salary for Recruitment Industry Jobs

Compensations for recruitment consultants actually differ based on the specific recruitment agency, location, and the skill and experience of the consultant. According to a particular recruitment website, in London, a novice consultant’s basic yearly compensation ranges from £15,000 to £20,000 while the senior consultants can have £28,000 to £35,000. Executive managers having at least 10 years of experience can actually earn more than £40,000 per year. Needless to say, if you include the bonuses and commissions, recruitment jobs can be one of the most lucrative solutions. Moreover, some firms would also offer a wide array of benefits which includes zero cost training, yearly team building and company outing, use of a company car, and others.

Although the figures above will just serve as a basis; at least somehow, you have an idea on how you will be compensated if want to apply for a recruitment consultancy job. Just remember that salaries will vary depending on the company, place, and other related aspects.

Where to Find Job Openings for Recruiter?

Of course, there is no better answer for this than to use the advantage of the World Wide Web. The advent of the Internet technology has paved the way to a convenient online job search and that includes finding vacancies for a recruiting job. Simply enter your queries in Google search box and you can find lots of suggestions almost instantly. Nevertheless, it would turn out that there would be lots of job recruiting websites or companies and it is very confusing which would be the best find. To narrow down your options, it is suggested to opt for recruitment to recruitment (also rec to rec, R2R, or Rec2Rec) agencies.

What is recruitment to recruitment anyway? In a nutshell, these are agencies which offer jobs to fellow recruitment experts. Therefore, a recruitment consultant would try to recruit or attract another recruitment professional.

A recruiting agency that helps to hire recruitment professionals is actually a specialized field. It what separates “the mob of sheep from the herd of goat.” In other terms, the recruitment profession is a special area of expertise so if want to have a recruiting job, then better look for aRec2Rec firm.

The benefits of R2R agencies for recruitment specialist applicants are pretty much obvious. But for those who want to spell it out, feel free to read the items below:

  • Saves Time and Effort – your search of R2R agencies is advantageous for your time and effort for you don’t have to check out a bunch of recruitment agencies presented by the search engines. And once you have landed in the right agencies, then there could be a faster chance for you to get a job for the employers of these platforms are looking specifically for candidates with high quality recruiting skills.
  • Comfort and Convenience – since you and the recruitment consultant in the agency will have more or less the same job description, you could be more comfortable and be convenient communicating with them. In addition to that, you will be assured that they could better understand your needs than those other non-specialized, non-R2R agencies.
  • Access to the World’s Finest Employers – a lot of companies don’t want to reveal their need for a recruiting consultant to everyone except to their trusted recruiting agencies. This implies that you will never know that a quality firm needs the potential candidates like you unless you opt for the R2R solution.


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