What Goes Beyond Recruitment and Selection Process?

Every time recruiting is tackled, most people think about the involvement of recruitment in hrm, recruitment through agencies, talent acquisition, and job searches. Indeed, all of these are important variables of recruitment but if you only try to dig deeper within, there is much about recruitment that goes beyond its definition.

You might already know about the recruitment process which may include sourcing, prescreening, final interview, selection, and of course, appointment. However, before everything is completed, both the employers and the job seekers should have the most important thing in mind i.e., marketing their business or their profession respectively. Once marketing strategies in the realm of recruitment is perfected, chances of obtaining the most suitable employees as well as the best company become higher as well.

The Value of Marketing the Company for Business Advertising and for the Recruitment of the Best Employees

Most business owners devise effective marketing strategies for their companies to obtain customers or consumers, hence profit. But the truth of the matter is, the applicants are even considered as consumers themselves, probably not through buying the products or services that a company would offer, but through the consumption of the information about the company. In fact, they can even be a form of advertising tool in which they could spread out everything that is good about an enterprise. Fundamentally speaking, the company can benefit from various candidates if they properly apply effective marketing approaches. Moreover, through this, they may also obtain the most appropriate candidate for a certain job vacancy as more and more candidates talk about them.

Some Suggested Marketing Strategies for Recruitment Purposes

There might be a huge difference on the way a company is marketed to earn profit and to recruit highly skilled workers. But, the marketing strategies may still have some sort of similarities as well. Basically, it may only differ on the target audience.

  1. Creating an Attractive Company Website
  • A company website is actually out of the question in the business world ever since the development of the computer system and the Internet. However, companies that have the sole purpose to attract buyers of their products may only provide a little bit of info about their company and probably, the rest would be the content on the products they offer to the public. Truly, there is nothing wrong with this. But if you are trying to find an employee for a vacant position in your company, it would be suggested to include another page for career opportunities. And what does this page contain? Basically, everything that can attract potential candidates. It should answer why a job hunter should join the team, the strength of the company, and needless to say, how an employee of the company can benefit from it. However, it is necessary to point out that everything on it has to be true and must go with what the company has stated in other sites or agencies. News spreads in seconds on the web, and if you give false promises or contents, then you will lose all the potential applicants.
  1. Being Regularly Active on Social Media
  • Like the company website creation, the social media could provide great impact on the success of a business and the acquisition of workers. Even managerial and supervisory position, the social media can be one of the people’s top online job search However, in order to recruit the best employees, it is important that the company can obtain a great number of followers and a well-established social media page. This makes everything posted more believable to people who happen to encounter the company’s job opportunity posts. Same thing should go with making a career page in a website which is to attract candidates using honest and enticing statements. 
  1. Reviews, Reviews, and Reviews
  • If you think that only buyers would look for reviews, then you are being misguided. Applicants may also conduct background check of the company and most of them would count in reading reviews. But everyone can always make a review honestly and dishonestly. For this reason, have some of your trusted employees create a good review particularly satisfaction of the job and the work environment. Additionally, these people should also provide a business profile of their own which could prove that they are really connected to your company.

Advantages of Marketing a Candidate’s Profession to Get a Successful Job Search

A company could either find workers through its very own core recruitment committee in HR department or get assistance from a reputable recruitment agency or job recruitment websites. Either way, the role of every candidate is to catch the attention of the employers by producing a highly attractive resume with the skills and the qualifications that the employers want. However, who would like to employ someone who just appears out of the blue and proudly presenting his or her credentials right? Surely, the recruitment team would always perform a background check and the more you can prove yourself, the more you get the chance to be hired.

But you may ask, where’s the marketing part for job hunters here? Basically, once you try to market your profession, you will also be providing a good proof/reference of your qualifications to your employer, and that’s how it becomes an advantage.

Some Suggested Professional Career Marketing Methods

In general sense, marketing avenues for employers and candidates are the same. Nonetheless, it may have additional things to be considered which will be discussed below.

In a Website:

  • Since candidates will offer their services not their products, the website should have the sense of formality, unless you are applying as a comedian or related services. Furthermore, it should provide the professional’s portfolio, certificates of training and experience, and other credentials which in lines with theresume. And if you are into an execute job search, then it is even more required to provide a more formal and highly presentable website. Do away with unnecessary things on your site like too much background colors, irrelevant information, and other stuff. Basically, provide something that would convey respect.

In Social Media:

  • In addition to your personal social media account, a professional social media page has to be produced. It should contain post related to your career and nothing else. Avoid ranting about the unsatisfying food you ate at lunch, the inconvenience of heavy traffic, or anything bad for it will reflect your sense of professionalism and you may deliver wrong impressions to a prospect employer. Market your profession by sharing good, positive thoughts that builds up not tears down.

In Reviews:

  • If you have been employed before, allow your previous employer or colleagues to make a good review. If ever you received negative feedback, try to address it as gentle and as professional as possible. This is among the best marketing strategies for you will give the employer a hint on how you handle difficult situations and could be one of your best key points to get hired.


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