What is Recruitment Process?

 Recruitment or sometimes known as hiring, is one of the things that businesses cannot do without. Whether you already own a well-established business or still starting a new one, it is important to have men that work with you. Moreover, you cannot simply hire a person without the necessary skills; otherwise, you will be at high risk of losing large amount of profit. And that’s how crucial recruitment is – it must be done effectively for having quality workers are factors of success in a given business.

Recruitment and selection are oftentimes defined separately. If recruitment is the act of finding and listing suitable people with skills, selection is when the final choice of workers is made. But the truth of the matter is that, recruitment and selection are parts of the overall process of recruiting employees or workers. Basically, no one will be hired without undergoing this process.

General Steps of Marketing Recruitment Agencies

Companies like the uk employment recruitment agencies may vary on how they recruit and select workers. But basically, they may still adopt the standard steps which will be tackled below:

  1. Sourcing – is the activity done to find candidates for job vacancies.Likewise, it also carried out whenever a company is still planning to open a position for their team. Checking out the resumes and prescreening processes are not part of this step though. Basically, the goal here is to let everybody know that a job awaits for the qualified candidates. The recruiting company would simply post a job and collect those necessary info like the names and contact details of the candidates, as well as the job title.

Most of the recruiters are highly skilled in determining who the active candidates are and who are not. Hence, if an opening for recruitment industry jobs are available and you want to be part of it, it would be best to learn the skill for greater possibility of being selected.

  1. Application Tracking – the second step would involve checking out the resumes of the applicants. This step could be tedious in the past systems but it becomes more convenient today simply because of the modern recruitment software. Nowadays, the Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are already available which are truly handy for employment agencies. The employment officer and/or the company’s representative can now decide faster and better on the candidates who will be proceeding to the next step. This system isn’t limited to small-scale businesses too for it can be applied to companies at any size and is even helpful for applicants as they can always check their application status.
  1. Pre-screening: Phone Interview – When the qualified candidates are already determined, a preliminary interview through telephone call is executed. Some companies already make use of video calls via the web today, but still a lot of recruitment agencies are still doing this step through mobile phones. The goal of this pre-screening step is to obtain more info about the candidates. During this step, the employment specialist will already know if an applicant is suitable for the job. Because of this, the candidates will be narrowed down for the final selection process.
  1. Final Screening or Interview – this is also called face-to-face interview wherein candidates are scheduled for the final interview. Just like the third step, the company’s representative or the employment agency may still adopt the video calling system. However, most of these are done for candidates who can impossibly come to the company and who will be working with online tasks. But either way, the purpose of final interview is for the company to personally see the true abilities of the candidates. Questions related to the job will be asked to gauge the know-how of the applicant. Nevertheless, inquiries about professionalism will be thrown to the candidates as well.
  2. Selection and Appointment – This is actually the end of a job search of a certain applicant. After the final interview, the candidates are usually told to wait for the company’s final call within a week or so. Some agencies would never call the candidates within the specified time which means that the applicant wasn’t selected. However, if you are a company asking assistance from a recruitment or employment agency, see to it that accepted or not, the candidates must be called as promised for it may still reflect your company’s professionalism. 

Once a candidate is informed about the success of his/her application, appointment will follow. Signing of contract, further instructions, and information of the company will be executed along with the compensation and other benefits.

Some Highlights of an Excellent Quality Recruiting Firm

Of all the recruitment agencies out there, which one should a company choose in recruiting workers? Confusing? Daunting? Indeed, it is! But let this article show you some of the important details of a good quality recruiting company.

  1. A good quality recruiting firm seeks the most suitable candidate to fill the vacant jobs of your company. Other mediocre group’s goal might only be to obtain as many as possible applicants without proper screening and assessment which could put your company at great risk. You must be watchful and never opt for these kinds of hiring agencies.
  2. Apart from technical skills for a given job opportunity, a recruiting agency must also check the candidates’ sense of professionalism. A company cannot survive with the worker’s skills alone. Behavior, attitude, loyalty, and strong company engagement also counts big time!
  3. A recruiting company is, of course, for their clients which means that they must cater the company hiring them as well as the applicants. They should be able to figure out what exactly the employer and the candidates’ needs so they can assist them effectively based on it.
  4. The modern day gave rise to the modern technologies which are really valuable in getting things done. Thus, choose an agency which understands the value of modern recruitment systems with the use of computer software and programs. This is going to be a huge help for spotting and acquiring the best of the bests candidates.
  5. Even when a recruitment agency has to hunt for the best applicants for the employer, speed still matters a lot. Why would an employer or company hire another organization to find employees if their recruitment in hrm department can do it faster and better than they can right? Speed and quality makes a perfect formula for the quality recruitment of employees.


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